CWG: Survival
June 7, 2022 update
New Affiliate Program Added!

I just added an affiliate program to our Crypto World Games website. This means, you will be able to refer others to join and play the game too. If they decide to purchase in-game money or items from our website, you may receive 1-5% in commission!

To become an affiliate, you must register, confirm your email address, and sign into our website at

Then, navigate to the top menu, mouse over or view the drop down list at “My Account” and then choose “Affiliate Area.” From there, you can fill out the affiliate application form. You need to put your name, username on this site, your account email, and a payment email if you want to be notified on a different email when you make sales (or just put the same email there). It also asks for a “Website URL,” so if you want to advertise on twitter, simply put Twitter, if Facebook, put Facebook and so on. If you will put the link on your website, then put your website. You can also give us more information how you will promote us. One sentence is enough, just so we know you are not a bot.

Allow 1-2 days for us to verify you are a legit member, we will approve your affiliate account. You will receive an email saying you are approved. After that, go back to “My Account” then “Affiliate Area” (YOU MUST LOGIN TO YOUR AFFILIATE ACCOUNT ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE, EVEN IF YOU ARE ALREADY LOGGED INTO THE WEBSITE.) Once you have logged into your Affiliate Area, you will see your dashboard, your “Affiliate URLs” (the links that you share with others that track your referrals). It will show all of your statistics, graphs, referrals, payouts, visits, and creatives.

Do NOT spam your referral link anywhere online. If you do, you may get banned by Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord or wherever you posted it. Always get permission before you post the link or say something like “You can play for free in the PC survival game and convert your game money into REAL CRYPTOCURRENCY! Private message me for details!” This way you dont get banned for posting links. But if you are in a chat room, always get the admin’s permission first.

We plan to pay 1 to 5% commission if you refer someone then they make a purchase on our site. Some items will have more or less commission rate than others, and some may not allow commission at all. We will let affiliates cash-out their earnings once they have earned $20 value of commission. There is a 10% withdrawal fee also.

We will be adding additional features to the affiliate program to make it even better at a later time.

Founder: Smarty (aka @CryptoGoldfish on Telegram)
Telegram chat group:
YouTube channel:
(copy and paste this YouTube link, for some reason its showing a dead link when clicked but it is legit)
Visit our website:




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