You can not spam your referral link anywhere online such as Telegram or Discord chat rooms, on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else. If you have a YouTube video, you may talk about it, add it to your description or make a post with it on your own Facebook page or group, or on your own Twitter account, but spamming will do nothing but get your link blacklisted from most social media companies which will result in your link not being seen.

You MAY post links online in Twitter, Facebook or other locations saying something like “You can earn real cryptocurrency for playing a FREE online multiplayer PC survival game. Private message me for details!” This way, you are not going to get blacklisted. But, you still may get muted or banned by admins or moderators if they feel you are spamming. So, its always good to first ask the admin if you can private message them, explain that you are trying to advertise for this new “pc survival metaverse game” and ask if you can post about it or post your referral link. Ask permission first and you can get more quality visitors. Join game groups on Facebook or search for them on Twitter etc.

You do have permission to refer yourself to get paid commission (basically getting a small discount when buying from our website shop) but the affiliate program system may or may not approve of the transaction if its on the same ip address and/or computer or phone system. We may or may not make adjustments if you try to refer yourself, friend or family member on the same ip address, wifi, or computer system if you are not paid.

How much is the commission rate that I earn to refer others?
Basically 1 to 5%, some items may pay more than others, while others may not pay anything at all. We may change the commission rate on individual or bulk items at anytime with or without notice. Currently to start, we are offering a 1% commission when you refer someone to this site and they purchase something. We may increase or decrease this. Our goal will eventually be to set it at approximately 5% for most items on the site. The commission rate we are actually paying may or may not match this page but we will try to update it here anytime it is changed. Some items such as in-game money, may pay more or less commission than if the referred person bought in-game items.

If you have questions or comments, please fill out the “contact us” form in the top menu.

By participating in our affiliate program, you agree to follow the rules on this page. You also agree that you are 18 years old or older (or 21 or older if required by law where you reside) while participating in our affiliate program or by joining our website and advertising it to others. You also agree that by joining and referring our site, you are doing so where it is legal. You agree not to make any promises or guarantees to those that you advertise to if they in return will click on and/or buy items from your referral link.

How are affiliate members paid?
We will pay affiliates with cryptocurrency. We will use USDT(bep20), BUSD(bep20), USDT(trc20) tokens. You can choose which one at the time you fill out the withdrawal form.

When do I get paid? Is there a minimum amount of credits/money needed to cash-out/withdraw?

There is a minimum of 2000 credits, or $20 or more in commission to cash-out, (from referrals and/or in-game earnings), then you may request a withdrawal. Affiliate commission may show up as game money (credits) that show up on our website and also in the game. The “credits” are just as good as money, at the rate of 1 credit = $0.01 and you can request to withdraw or convert these credits into real cryptocurrency the way you would if you simply earned credits in the game and wanted to cash-out.

Are there any fees for cashing-out/withdrawing/converting game credits into cryptocurrency?
Yes, there is a 10% withdrawal fee.