1. The Bank currently owns 100,000,000 Credits
(See all player’s credit balances on the Leaderboards)

Here you can see the total circulation of “Credits” in the game (it is also synced with the website’s “Credit” wallets for the Bank and also all members).
The total “Credit” circulation will only increase when players buy credits from our website at https://cryptoworldgames.com at which time the game adds the credits to the player’s wallet (in-game and site wallet are in sync).
The players’ credit balances will increase instantly (after payment confirmation) when they purchase credits on our website.
The players’ credit balances will also increase as they find credits in the game, or sell game items and receive credit for those items, but the “Total Circulation of credits” will not change.
No “Credits” will be generated from thin air. The players’ credit balances may decrease if they die in the game and drop some of their credits, or if they buy items on the site with credits, or if they buy items in the game market, or if they trade items/credits with other players.
The Bank’s credit balance will increase if
1. A player buys in-game items in the in-game market or on the website using credits.
2. A player, animal, monster, or zombie dies and drops credits and after 1 hour no one picks up those credits, the credits will disappear and be put in the Bank’s wallet.
3. If we have land sales, the bank may receive commission on each sale, and this would increase their credit balance.
4. The Bank “may” receive commission in other ways, such as if a player sells items in a player market, they may pay a small fee for the market to sell it.
5. The Bank’s credit balance will go down, every time it buys items from players. Note, the market will always pay only 50% of the original price, no matter if its a different person selling the item.

The Bank owns the in-game & website shop/market. The “site/game” owns the Bank. The site/game does not consider the Bank’s credits “profit.” It takes into consideration the escrow & expense wallets in addition to the bank’s credit wallet. The Bank must always hold enough credits to pay back 50% of all items ever sold, and this corresponds to the escrow’s wallet. (Manually at first but automated later on). The bank will have an automatic audit features 24/7 which will notify the owner and game developer if anyone has hacked or duplicated game money or items and will immediately freeze the actions of that player and their transactions until a manual review can be made. For now, the “Banks” wallet, also known as the Bank’s Credit Wallet will also be the in-game market’s wallet. The in-game market, also known as the market, will be the same as the website’s shop/market because you can buy in the game or on the site using the same credits, since the wallets are in sync. For now, you can only sell in-game items to the market, inside of the game. The in-game market, will only buy certain items. Some items sold in the game will not be eligible to be sold back to the market. The in-game market’s “buy” feature may not be available when we first launch the game. The ability to cash-out/withdraw/convert in-game credits into cryptocurrency may also be delayed until a future update.

Credits will be backed by USDT (bep20) at the ratio of 1 credit = $0.01 USDT and shown on Survive’s Escrow bep20 wallet: https://bscscan.com/address/0x30B570435D749F0062EC2a3b29716D73B884442C in full transparency.

Note: This may not be 100% accurate because we will manually update the wallet amount every 1-4 weeks to be in sync with the Bank’s credit balance so that we are not wasting money on blockchain fees daily but generally it should be pretty accurate. The USDT (bep20) escrow wallet is to keep funds safe for future withdrawals from the game. The only reason funds will be taken from this wallet is if someone needs to cash-out, or if we determine the website has made profits, allowing us to transfer the USDT from Escrow to our Expense Wallet located here: https://bscscan.com/address/0xce077ee1B0185052274eF7F96668EA1B9Ccd47Bf

The Expense Wallet (which is our site/game’s profits) can be used for any purpose we need such as paying for game development, marketing, giving bonus money back to the community from animal/monster/zombie loot drops, making investments with partners that may benefit SURVIVE or Crypto World Games as a whole, or to pay payroll.

We reserve the right to hold any cryptocurrency tokens that we wish in the expense wallet such as USDT(bep20) so that it is a stable token (or we may spread it out to multiple stable tokens for less risk), or a token such as Centric Rise (CNR) which is a rise-only token.*

*Centric Rise (CNR) is linked to the Centric Swap (CNS) token. CNR rises in CNS value hourly as seen at https://explorer.centric.com
CNS is in exchanges but CNR is not. Learn more about it here https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/centric-swap/ and Centric.com
(we are not affiliated with Centric.com or the Centric Foundation or team.)