Crypto World Games


What is “Crypto World Games?”
Crypto World Games (also known as CWG) is a small team of gaming and crypto enthusiasts that are creating pc, browser and mobile games that are free to play but also links cryptocurrency into the game and allow players to earn profits in the game to cash back out into cryptocurrency.

Currently we are focusing on two main games:
CWG: Survival (this game)
A multiplayer pc game that is free to play but you can also buy game items and money using cryptocurrency. You have potential to make profits in the game and will be able to convert the game credits back into real cryptocurrency. It will be an open world “metaverse” style strategy game where you can chop trees, hunt animals & monsters, grow crops, buy/sell/trade with other players and fight other players that want to attack you or your homestead. The only thing you will have on your mind in this game is, SURVIVAL.
CWG: Battle Royale
This is a multiplayer PC game that is free to play but there will also be the opportunity to pay to play. It is like Fortnite or other games where the map slowly shrinks during the timed game and the last person standing wins. In our game, if you are the last one standing then you can win the jackpot of game credits, that is you can convert into real cryptocurrency. If you did not pay to play, you just get the recognition. We want it to be fun for paying and non-paying players.

This is a crowdfunded metaverse game.
To generate funds to help pay for development, and to offer our players a way to make passive income, we will let players invest in Land Deeds. If you buy a Land Deed in our Land Deed Auction, then you own a land area somewhere in the game which will provide you with passive income while you own it. When any animal, monster or player dies on your property and drops in-game credits (money), we take 25% of it and give to the land deed owner. We take another 25% of credits that dropped to share with all landowners. The last 50% of game credits will be dropped and available for anyone to pick it up off the ground. A landowner earns a big share of the credits dropped directly on their own property, but landowners also gain a small fraction of the credits dropped by EVERY SINGLE PLAYER IN THE ENTIRE GAME WORLD, NO MATTER WHERE THEY DIE!

How many land deeds are available?
We will have 1000 land deeds throughout the game, and you can buy them at any time, no matter if the current owner wants to sell or not. It simply raises the price by 10% each time its sold. The game map will be split into a square grid pattern. Some grids will be more valuable than others. The land lots right outside of a town center and between 2 main cities will be a lot more valuable than a land area in the ocean since a lot more players, animals and monsters will be dropping credits in the busy areas and the landowners receive 25% of all credits dropped on their property, plus other profit sharing!

What are the benefits of being a Land Deed Owner in CWG: Survival?
A Land Deed is basically just a piece of land in our game and owning the land deed means you get profit sharing from use of that land. You can receive passive income simply by owning a land deed in the game when players, animals or monsters die on your land or on anyone else’s land, and they drop their credits (in-game money). We take 25% of dropped credits from players, animals and monsters and give it directly to the landowner where they died. We also take 25% of the dropped credits from all players, animals, and monsters in the entire game world and share it among every single landowner no matter where your land is located and no matter where they died at. These benefits are only while you own the deed and will stop once it sells to someone else. Anyone in the game can build on any land area even if someone else owns that land deed but in the future, we may implement a system where you must pay rent to the property owner. No one can build a structure in official towns or safe zones, and a few other locations in the game.  

Owning a “Land Deed” in our game does not give you ownership in our actual game, it’s just for in-game benefits and references only. You are not buying any real property or intellectual property. All Land Deeds are 100% at risk and we do not guarantee you will break even or profit. Consider a Land Deed buy a donation to our game to help us fund development, but if you do break even or make profits then congratulations! After the first land deed sale, we will only receive 5% of each future sale so most of the Land Deed sales are helping fellow players earn passive income.

If your land deed resells then you lose ownership, but you will get your money back plus earn 5% profits.

When we earn game and/or website profits, we will reinvest back into the game to “give back to the community” in the form of 1-10% of the game credits being added as loot to the animals & monsters in the game. This will reward the individual landowners where the animal or monster died with 25% of the credits dropped, but also, will reward all landowners in the entire game with a share of 25% of the credits dropped! Animals and monsters may or may not drop loot, game credits, meat to eat, or other random loot able items but as our website and game becomes profitable you will start to see more profitable loot overall! These benefits will give players a reason to hunt or fight monsters and a reason for everyone to buy Land Deeds. The hunting feature (and knowing all animals may have credits which can be converted into real cryptocurrency) should motivate players to roam the entire map looking for profits. This will provide more directly dropped credits for more landowners!

Even if a person does not have a gaming PC, we will allow ANYONE even with a tablet, laptop, cheap computer, or cell phone to buy land deeds for passive income, EVEN IF YOU NEVER STEP 1 FOOT INTO OUR GAME! We plan to have the Land Deed Auction on our website but also in the game.

How does the Land Deed Auction work?
The player buys a land deed and starts being eligible to earn profit sharing in our site if they own that deed. Our system will immediately relist the land deed for sale for 10% more. It can sell out from under you even if you want to sell or not but if it does, then you will get your money back that you paid, plus 5%. You can buy as many land deeds as you want!

The land auction will allow players to buy land deeds at various prices. This will be a “buy it now” type auction and not a ‘bidding auction.” You will be able to see the passive income profits for the last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days for that particular property before you buy. This is not guaranteed but may give you a rough estimate of the possible income you could receive while you are the landowner.

If I buy a Land Deed, do I keep it forever? Am I able to put it up for sale?
After players buy these land deeds from us, we will instantly relist the land deeds for sale at a price 10% higher than you paid. Whether you want to sell the land or not, it will be relisted for sale. We designed this in a way that if someone else wants the land, you are FORCED TO SELL & RECEIVE A PROFIT!

“If” it sells, you will receive your money back plus 5% and the “Bank” in the game will also receive a 5% profit for “fees.” This design will keep a trickle of income coming into the “Bank” to help us fund the game and allow people to get profits on their purchases.

You may hold the land for 5 minutes, 5 days, 5 months, or 5 years before someone else buys your land deed but it is possible no one will ever buy it from you.
You will receive passive income while you are the property owner!

How much will Land Deeds cost?
Land deeds will start at $10 each on our website at (Or for 1000 credits within our game) but each time one is bought, we will automatically relist that one for sale for 10% more. The price per Land Deed may reach $100, $1000, or more over time. The price for each Land Deed will be what the community decides it is worth after viewing the past profits the past owner(s) earned as passive income. You must do research to see where it is on the map and if you feel it is worth it. If your deed resells, then you will earn your money back plus 5% profit, but we cannot guarantee it will sell. We will give profit sharing in game credits (money) to all land deed owners when players, animals and monsters die and drop credits. We hope this passive income can help you break even and make profits. All sales are final and 100% at risk since we cannot guarantee that you will break even or even profit.

How can I buy a Land Deed in Crypto World Games: Survival?
To buy Land Deeds in Crypto World Games: Survival game, you must:
1. register on our site
2. confirm your email
3. login to our website
4. Click the “SHOP” link in the top menu of our website at You can buy Land Deeds on our website without downloading or logging into the actual game if you wish but you must be logged in first.
5. Choose the “LAND DEEDS” category & view the current land deeds we have available.
6. If you find a Land Deed that you want to buy, add it to your cart and click checkout. You may buy land deeds on this website using cryptocurrency or credits (in-game money). You also have the choice to buy land deeds inside our game using credits. If you prefer to use credits on our website, simply buy them first then come back and buy the deed separately and choose “Pay with credits” at checkout. Credits can be used to buy in-game items so you may wish to buy enough credits to buy guns, ammo, backpacks, food, or other game items plus the land deed if you wish. The game is free to play so you do not have to buy in-game credits, but you can if you wish. As soon as you buy a land deed or credits, they will instantly appear in your wallet on this site and will also show up instantly in your inventory in the game.
7. Be sure to fill out the buyer information section completely to comply with KYC.

Where can I buy Land Deeds?
You can ONLY buy Land Deeds, credits, or in-game items on our official site at or within the CWG: Survival game shops. Anyone else asking for money, passwords, private keys, mnemonic phrases or personal questions are a hacker. No admin will ever contact you first! If they do, it’s a scammer, report them to us at once with the contact us form on our site.

How do I earn money by owning a Land Deed?
When a person, animal or monster dies, they will drop the game credits (game money) that they have on them (if any). We split this dropped money instantly into 3 categories:
A. 50% of the money dropped from players, animals or monsters will show up on the ground instantly and it can be picked up by: 

  1. The person that killed the player, animal, or monster. *
    2. It can be picked up by a different player. *
    3. It can be picked up by the person that got killed if they can make it back to their body before someone else picks it up. * 

If someone dropped 1000 credits, you would only see 500 credits on the ground, but the other 500 is being given to land deed owners in the game! 

* Note: The credits (game money) must be picked up off the ground before it disappears. All game money dropped on the ground that has not been picked up within 1 hour, will disappear and instantly be sent to the game’s “Bank wallet for dropped credits” which can be used for several reasons such as adding more loot money to animals & monsters, creating give-a-ways & jackpot promotions, be used to buy-back game deeds, or may be sent to the CWG owners wallet to help with funding future development. 

B. 25% of the money dropped from players, animals or monsters will instantly go to the wallet of the landowner that owns the land where they died. Although “ALL” land deed owners gain a 1/100th share of credits from all players, animal & monster deaths that drop credits, buying a popular land area with a lot of traffic will pay a lot higher percentage to that landowner. Research past payouts for land deeds to get an idea if you think it is worth buying a more expensive piece of property.

C. 25% of the money dropped from players, animals or monsters will be instantly shared with ALL the land deed owners in the game. As a land deed owner, you can gain passive income even if you own cheap or unpopular land areas, such as in the ocean, mountain side, etc. and the player, animal, or monster dies & drops loot anywhere else in the map!

How can I keep my credits (game money) safe?
If a player puts their money in an atm or bank in the Safe Zone Town Center, then they cannot drop that money. We recommend that you do not carry too many items or game money outside of safe zones because if you die, you will drop it all! You may also store your game items in a Safe Zone Town Center in your personal storage, or in a personal storage box in a house or cabin that you built, but travel at your own risk because there are pirates just waiting to kill, steal and destroy players to loot them along the main routes! Find friends to be your bodyguard, buy lots of guns & ammo and body armor, create a gang, scout out the trip first, or just run fast lol. There will be highway robbery in our game just like the stagecoaches carrying gold from city to city in the “wild wild west.” Take precautions and consider taking different routes than others. Make your own strategy! 

Are in-game credits worth anything?
All in-game money is linked to real money at the value of 1 game credit = $0.01 USD. We sell in-game money on our website for $0.01 per credit and only accept cryptocurrency. If a player wants to cash-out in game money credits and convert it to real cryptocurrency, we will only withdraw it to a USDT (bep20) or USDT (trc20) stable coin so that we know exactly how much to pay out and not worry about cryptocurrency fluctuations of many tokens. There is a 10% withdrawal fee when cashing out credits into cryptocurrency and there is a 2000 credit ($20) minimum to cash out. (You can cash out 2000 credits or $20 value and receive $18).

Land Deed Purchase Disclaimer
All Land Deed sales are final, no refunds, and all it is at your own risk. Consider the first round of land deed purchases, and the fees we obtain from future purchases, as a donation to help us fund the game and in no way are we guaranteeing that you will ever break even or make profits by buying land deeds. By buying land deeds, are you not buying any physical items in real life, but only gaining profit sharing rights in the game. You are not actually buying ownership in our game. If we find anyone to be hacking, we will lose your ownership and give that land deed back to the “Bank” in our game. All land deed purchases must be made either on our official website at or in our CWG: Survival game using in-game credits.

What can in-game credits that I buy on the website, or earn in the game by hunting animals & monsters or killing other in-game players be used for?
1. A potentially extremely rewarding item you can buy with your credits is a Land Deed since simply owning it can give you passive income from animals, monsters & players dying and dropping credits ANYWHERE IN THE ENTIRE GAME!
2. You can buy food and water. You MUST make sure you have enough to eat and drink or else your player will die!
3. You can buy guns, ammo, and body armor. The main theme of this game is to SURVIVE! Guns, ammo, and body armor will help you.
4. You can buy an ax, which allows you to chop down trees! With these trees, you will be able to craft items such as bow and arrows, campfires, even a cabin or house! If you have wood, you can also resell it to others. When a tree is chopped, there is a delay of 24 hours before it grows again, so if you chop lots of trees and cause a shortage, you may be able to create a player shop and make good profits. Climate change in the game is real lol
5. You can cash-out and convert your game credits into REAL CRYPTOCURRENCY!
6. If you earn game credits in our game, we will let you withdraw it and use it on a partner site that also accepts these “credits.” As we gain partners, this list will grow but for now you can transfer CWG: Survival game credits & spend them at to buy e-gift cards, or at,, or

Do I have to buy game items or game credits on the website to play the game?
No, you do not have to buy game items or credits but it’s a choice if you wish to gain supplies faster. Buying items “may” give you an advantage but if you use your brain to make good strategies and start a club, gang, clan or some other group, then you could also have an advantage over someone that simply bought guns and ammo with real money. There are ways to obtain weapons in the game with no real money being used, such as a stick, hatchet, rock or other things coming soon. Use these items to fight other players to take their loot to use or sell in the in-game shops.

Is this game free to download and free per month?
Yes! This game is 100% free to download and play, there is no monthly charge. You have the option to buy in-game items or in-game money (credits) on our website but it is not required.

Does CWG: Survival have a referral system to pay me to refer others to join?
Yes. By registering, confirming your email, and logging into our website you will be able to log in to our game, and you will also receive an official affiliate link in your profile dashboard.
If you give friends this referral link and they:
1. Register
2. Confirm their email
3. Login
4. Buy game items or game credits (money) on our website at
Then you earn 5% commission on things they buy. *

*Some items in our website will not be eligible for commission, and some items may be eligible for a different commission rate ranging from 1-10% commission. If we run a promotion or someone uses a coupon to buy game items or game credits, we “may” reduce or take away the commission on those items. If we notice there was a commission paid by accident or a wrong amount was paid, we reserve the right to make admin adjustments in your account.

Is there a minimum amount of game credits I need to have before I can cash-out/withdraw/convert into cryptocurrency?
Yes, you must have 2000 in-game credits ($20 value) showing in the game and/or on the website before you are eligible to cash-out into crypto. You must have 2000 credits before we deduct our 10% withdrawal fee.

What forms of payments do you accept in your Crypto World Games shop when selling in-game items or in-game credits (money)?
We only accept cryptocurrency for in-game items or in-game credits (money) due to the risk of chargeback from scammers using debit & credit cards, PayPal etc. (We may add other payment methods in the future, or for certain items only, such as clothing, food/water, or other things that are not allowed to be sold in the in-game shop to reduce the possibility of hacking/scamming/exploits).

Which cryptocurrencies are accepted for payment in your CWG shop?
If you purchase game money or game items from our website at then at checkout you can choose to pay with credits (in-game money) or one of the following cryptocurrencies:
(This list may change at any time with or without notice)

Algorand (ALGO)
USDT (bep20)
BUSD (bep20)
USDC (bep20)
BitTorrent (BTT)
Centric Swap (CNS)
Dash (DASH)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
GorillaDiamond (GDT)
Litecoin (LTC)
PancakeSwap Token (CAKE)
USDT (trc20)
Tronix (TRX)
VeChain (VET)
XinFin (XDC)

What crypto can I convert my game credits into?
If you fill out the withdrawal form to convert your game credits into cryptocurrency, we will convert it into your choice:

USDT (bep20)
BUSD (bep20)
USDC (bep20)
USDT (trc20)

How does the Land Deed Auction Work?
We will start the land deed auctions at $10 per land deed area. If “Bob” buys it, then he instantly owns it and will see it in his website wallet and in-game inventory instantly. We will instantly relist the land deed for a 10% higher price (at first this is a manual process so allow 24 hours for each transaction). If “John” buys this same land deed at the new price of $11 ($10 x 1.10 to be 10% higher) then now John owns it. This will generate a 10% profit which is shared 50/50 between Bob and the “Bank” in the game. While owning a land deed, the land deed owner will receive profit sharing when players, animals or monsters die in the entire game and drop credits. You will receive a larger share if they die on your property. We will only do a “buy it now” type auction, not a “bidding” auction. We will relist your deed no matter if you want to keep it or not, so we are forcing you to either gain passive income from profit sharing while owning the deed or forcing you to gain 5% profit if it sells out from under you. Feel free to buy as many land deeds as you want! We cannot guarantee that you will earn passive income, break even, or make profit. By buying land deeds or game items you agree that it will be considered a donation to help us fund development if for some reason you do not break even and make profits in our game.

How do the in-game shops work?
The players’ website inventory and credit balance are always the same as the inventory and credit balance inside the game. If you buy items or game money on our site, you instantly get to use it in the game (allow up to 24 hours for this transaction while the game is in beta testing). While in the game, you may find credits (game money) laying on the ground, so when you pick it up, it shows up in the game and on your website wallet instantly.

No matter how you obtain game money (credits), you can use them to buy items in the “shop” in the game (you can also use the credits obtained in the game on our website shop too!).

If you buy a pistol in the game for 100 credits, but later want to sell it to the shop, the shop will only pay you 50 credits. The shop only pays 50% of the original cost of the item no matter who originally bought it, and no matter who is selling it back to the shop. Example: If you buy a pistol for 100 credits and an animal, monster or other player kills you, you will drop the pistol. Anyone can pick it up, including the person that killed you, a bystander, or if you are lucky, you can run back and pick it up yourself. If you bought credits, looted them, sold items to get credits, or even broke into other players’ homes to steal their items, no matter how you obtained the credits (other than hacking), you can “cash out” and convert these credits to cryptocurrency. Simply fill out the withdrawal form on our website to convert to crypto and allow up to 24 hours for the withdrawal process. There will be a 10% fee withdrawal fee and a 2000 credit ($20) minimum for cashing out. We may require KYC for withdrawals and purchases.

How to craft items?
To craft items, open your player inventory by hitting “tab” or “i” buttons then click “craft” and choose what you want to craft. Make sure you have all the ingredients and correct quantities that you need. You can “craft 1” or “craft all” which it will make as many as possible with the amount of ingredients that you have. If you are lacking an ingredient, it will be highlighted in red. Crafted items do not last as long as items bought on the website or in the game shops. If you want to chop a tree, you can craft a makeshift ax that may cut down 20 trees but buying a wood ax in the shop may chop down 100 trees for example. You may repair some items but not others, and to repair items you must do it in a town center (safe zone) at the repair shop. We may add a tool repair feature to the player inventory in a future update. (All these features will be introduced over time, at first you will not be able to craft or build items).

How to build a cabin/house?
Click the “build” icon in your player’s inventory. Access inventory with the “i” or “tab” buttons. The items you will need for a small cabin (this may change later) is 20 logs, 20 wood planks, 50 nails, 100 sticks, 5 rope. You also must have a hammer in your player’s inventory. You will need to buy an ax from the website or game shop or craft your own ax in the “craft” section. Buy the other items in the shops or craft each individual item, then drag all necessary parts and click “craft cabin.” You will see the cabin in your inventory. Note: you need 500 inventory space for a cabin in your inventory so you may have to temporarily drop items on the ground or put them in a storage container. If items are left on the ground for 1 hour or more, you lose them. Drag the cabin to the game world and choose a flat spot to put it. This will lock in the cabin. Only you will have access to open and shut the door. If you want a friend to come in, you must open the door for them. If you log out or leave the cabin while a friend is inside, they will get trapped. If a player gets trapped in a house/cabin that is not his, the only way to get out is to commit suicide if the owner is not there to open the door. If someone commits suicide inside of a house, they will drop all their gear and money. After an hour, this money and items will disappear forever. If you have a storage container in the house, anyone can deposit or take out items. Credits (game money) cannot be stored in a storage box. If you have a money safe in the house, yours or your friends’ game money can be stored there but it does not separate into different wallets. It is a wallet of its own and does not show up in any player’s game wallet. The house will slowly decay over time so you must repair it about once a week. To repair a structure like a house or cabin, you need a hammer and wood logs. Other players may destroy your door and come in to steal your items from storage boxes. Players can not destroy your house; they can only destroy your door. The doors will have 100,000 hit points (hp). Players can also break into the money safe if you have one inside your house/cabin, but it also has a 100,000-hit point (hp).

How to gather water?
Your player constantly needs water to survive. It goes down slowly over time. Your player will lose approximately 100% of the thirst meter per 24 hours. If you are logged out of the game, your player’s health, hunger, and thirst meter does not move. If your character is logged in, even if you are not walking around or playing, the hunger & thirst meters will go down. Watch it closely if you leave it online while you do something else.

You can buy water on our website using credits or cryptocurrency. You can also buy water in our shop in the game. When buying water in our online or game shop, it will replenish your thirst meter +25 points. If you prefer not to “pay to play” then you can gather water from a fresh lake, a stream, or a river for free in the game. This water will be “dirty”, but it will help you a little bit, but at the same time, it will hurt your health meter. To gather water, you need a water bottle. Each player will have 1 water bottle in their inventory that they will never lose. Each bottle of dirty water drank will replenish your thirst level +10 points but will lower your health level -10 points. (Health meter will slowly rise on its own back to 100% but you can also use med kits or health potions to get it back up faster). If you gather and drink ocean water, it will replenish your thirst +5 points but due to the salt content, will lower your health -20 points. This is not advisable but, in an emergency, you may need to do this so as not to die of thirst (you die if your thirst or hunger meter reaches 0). You may also create a campfire to boil the dirty river, lake, or stream water to make it clean water. Drinking clean water replenishes +25 thirst points and does not affect your health meter. Boiling ocean water gives you salt. You cannot make ocean water clean by boiling it. Find freshwater asap and keep extra bottles on hand. For convenience, you may prefer to buy the clean water on the website or in-game shop, so not to waste your time running around collecting & boiling dirty water all the time. Or you may want to buy clean or dirty water bottles from other players to save time and help them earn some profits in the game. You may also “craft” a dew collection kit, which is great if you own a cabin or house far from town’s shop, or if it is far from a fresh water source. A dew collection kit will slowly collect water from dew and will fill up its storage. You can use empty water bottles to collect this dirty water, then boil it on a campfire to convert it to pure clean water. To craft a dew collection kit, you need to gather a tarp, 10 sticks, 10 wood logs, 10 wood planks, 20 nails. To get logs, you chop a tree. To get planks, you take logs and craft wood planks. To get sticks, you walk around and pick them up off the ground near berry bushes. To get a tarp, you must buy it in a shop on the website or in a game store or find it randomly in the world from looting animals, monsters or just laying around. To get nails, buy them in the in-game shop or website shop, buy from other players, or craft them using metal ingots. Get metal ingots from melting scrap metal in a furnace.

How to gather food?
Your player constantly needs food to survive. It goes down slowly over time. Your player will lose approximately 100% of the hunger meter per 24 hours. If you are logged out of the game, your player’s health, hunger, and thirst meter does not move. If your character is logged in, even if you are not walking around or playing, the hunger & thirst meters will go down. Watch it closely if you leave it online while you do something else.

You can buy food on our website using credits or cryptocurrency. You can also buy food in our shop in the game. When buying food in our online or game shop, it will replenish your hunger meter +25 points. If you prefer not to “pay to play” then you can gather berries for free in the game. Each berry will replenish your hunger level +1 point. For convenience, you may prefer to buy the canned food, so you do not waste your time running around collecting berries all the time. Or you may want to buy berries from other players to save time. Also, you can go hunting and kill a rabbit, deer, bear etc. and then you will loot raw meat. Eating raw meat is unhealthy. It will raise your hunger meter +5 points, so you do not die of starvation, but it also lowers your health points -5 if you eat raw meat. If you build a campfire and cook it, then it makes it edible without getting sick. So, eating cooked meat gains +25 food and does not affect your health meter.

How to keep stamina up?
If you run a lot, your stamina will slowly go down. If it stays too low for too long, your player may pass out, or simply run in slow motion. Just chill out and rest for a few seconds so it gets back to 100%. Hint, if you walk normally the stamina does not go down but if you run fast, it will go down, so just walk normally and you should be ok.

How to use a furnace?
To use a furnace (once this upgrade has been added to the game) you will first need to craft it. To craft a furnace, you need to gather resources. The resources needed will show up in your craft section of the game. For now, we will use this as an example and upgrade this section later. You may need 5 scrap metals to build a furnace. Open the crafting section, drag 5 scrap metals into the box, and hit craft. Now you have a furnace in your inventory. Drag the furnace from your inventory to the game world and now add scrap metal, wood sticks and wood logs to the furnace. You must light it using a cigarette lighter or matches. Once lit, it will meld down the scrap metals so that you get metal ingots. Use these metal ingots to craft other items or build houses/cabins with.

How to commit suicide in the game?
Committing suicide is a very touchy subject and we do not condone it in any way (in real life) but sometimes in the game you are stuck in the ocean, a mountain, or you may be stuck in a tree. The only way to fix this sometimes is to commit suicide in the game to respawn to a safe zone town center. If you get stuck and need to do this, please “contact us” on our website to let us know there is a glitch in a certain area, and we will have the developer fix it. If you are considering committing suicide in real life, contact us also so we can talk about it. We need you. We care about you. Life will get better, and we are here for you.

How to download and play the game?
You can click “Play Now” in the top menu of our site at on any Windows PC and download the .zip file of our game. Be sure to save it in a drive with over 50gb of available space because it may be up to 30-40gb in size once extracted. If possible, also download to an SSD (solid state drive) instead of an HDD (hard disk drive). Both will work but SSD will provide a little faster experience. Once you have downloaded it, right click it and extract it. If you do not see the extract option, then find an extracting tool online such as 7-zip.
Once you have the files extracted, you can right click the one with the .exe file extension and you may choose to “pin to taskbar” so that it’s easy to find and launch at any time. 

 This white paper is under construction and will be changed several times before the final copy. Please do not share this until we release it officially in our telegram room. 

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