Here at Crypto World Games, we are building mobile and pc games, but right now our focus is building a multiplayer pc survival “metaverse” game that is free to play but you can earn game money (credits) in the game and then withdraw/convert them into REAL CRYPTOCURRENCY! Players have the option to purchase in-game money (credits) here on our website to help us fund the development or play 100% for free! Any player, no matter if they are playing 100% free or purchased credits, can earn credits in the game from killing animals, monsters, or other players and looting the credits or game items. If you acquire game items, you can sell them in the shops inside the game to also gain credits. You can use the credits in the game’s shops, or you can fill out the “withdrawal form” here on this website and we will convert your game credits into REAL CRYPTOCURRENCY! No purchase necessary! Buying credits on this site will instantly put them into your game wallet, and allow you to buy items in the shops in the game. This may give you some advantage over other players, but other players may also craft weapons for free and attack you and take your loot. Feel free to create gangs, security forces, armies, or other groups to keep yourself and friends safe, or to create a business in the world such as chopping lots of trees, or gathering lots of berries and fresh water, and selling to other players to obtain credits. Then, use them, or cash them out into cryptocurrency. We are trying to make this a fun and fair game for anyone to play, and hopefully eventually earn a living from it.

This game we are currently making is called Crypto World Games: Survival, or “CWG: Survival” for short. It was designed by Smarty, aka @CryptoGoldfish on Telegram for people who like gaming, and like cryptocurrency, or those that are interested in learning more about crypto. This will be a “Play To Earn” game, not a “Pay to Win” game.

We had the choice either to build the game and make it awesome, with all features working 100% but this may take 1-3 years. We decided to launch the game world asap so that players can walk around the world to explore. Every 1-4 weeks, we hope to push an update. You will have to download the big game file once, then each time we have an update there will be a smaller download when you login. The first version may let you walk around but not let you do anything. The next update may let you hold items, but not use them. The next update may let you chop a tree down, but not be able to pick up the wood. Over time, you will see the updates and the progression of the game. Anytime you donate on our Patreon, or when you buy game money or items in our website shop, you are helping us fund this game. We also hope to offer land deeds for sale which will give the land owner profit sharing anytime a player dies on their property, and also profit sharing to land owners when a player dies anywhere in the world. This upgrade may be far away but its something to look forward to.

Our first phase will be a normal game, not connected to crypto in any way.
Our 2nd phase will be the ability to buy game money and/or items using crypto.
Our 3rd phase will add the ability to cash-out game money into crypto.

The game is not ready yet, but as soon as it is, you will be able to download it from this site in the “Play Now” tab above. We will try to have the basic world launched by August 1st, but decent game play by Jan 1, 2023 if all goes well.

This post last updated June 2, 2022.

Founder: Smarty (aka @CryptoGoldfish on Telegram)
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YouTube channel:
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