Crypto World Games: Survival
June 5, 2022 update

Sample game world #3.
I now have the 3rd sample world for our multiplayer pc metaverse survival game. This is the best of the 3 in my opinion because its more colorful than the last map. I do like the castle and lookout tower in map #2, the graveyard in map #2 was also cool (great place for monsters or zombies) but i think this map#3 shows a more realistic map of how it would be if, lets say, there was a worldwide economic collapse and people had to survive out in the wilderness.

I will hear pros and cons from my dev on map #2 & map #3. I need to compare the sizes of the maps. Due to the high quality these may already be big files and may be too much graphics for many pc’s. I will try to add settings so if someone’s computer is not able to handle full graphics, they can still play.

let me know what you think of these images.
No matter which we choose, within a few weeks we should have the very basic version of the map hosted online so that you can download the .exe and walk around the world. There will most likely be little or no “gameplay” in this first version but every 1-4 weeks we will push an auto update so the next time you login it will tell you to download updates (if any are available). The goal is each 1-4 weeks that you login, you should see added features. I wanted to get this done asap so people didn’t have to wait 1-3 years to see some progress of some type.

By getting even the basic map launched with no gameplay, should motivate people to help invest in this project to help fund development, while also giving ways for you to earn profits too. We will have an affiliate program so you gain profits when people buy in-game money but as of now, we plan to make this free to download & play. Buying game money is not required, but if you do, you can obtain items faster in the shops.

Our site will be updated a lot in the next few months, for now it just “works.” We are not spending much time on updating it “yet” but if you want to go ahead and join to follow the blog or other things there, feel free to register and be ready to jump in the game asap.

Enjoy these latest images and let me know what you think.
Would you like playing in this game where you can hunt, craft items, chop trees, build cabins, fight for game money that you can convert into real cryptocurrency?

Founder: Smarty (aka @CryptoGoldfish on Telegram)
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