Out of 9 total developers that I interviewed to make our games, I chose 3 developers that I thought had potential. I asked all 3 to create a sample game world for me, then out of those 3 developers I chose only 1 of them to work for us. I asked my chosen developer then create 3 sample worlds for me, and I chose the “Map #3” as the one I liked the most.
Map #2 had a castle (which I liked), so I had him put the castle and a few other objects inside Map #3.
Now that “map #3” is our main map/world/environment/scene (or whatever you want to call it), I will stop calling it “map #3” and simply call it our map or “world.”
In version 1 of this current map, I could “fly” around the entire map. This made it easy for me to take pictures and videos of what it look like (see the images in a previous blog post).
In version 2 (that I received June 8, 2022), I had the developer put in a 3rd person view basic character so that I could see the world from a player’s view. Although I am able to walk inside the castle and around the map, the basic sample character is not yet to scale. Its VERY basic. It will be updated over the next few days and weeks so that my screenshots look more realistic when I take them.

Our theme is “survival” out in the wilderness (for now, but we may add city gameplay at a later time). I started thinking what would be realistic, if for example the entire world had an economic collapse, civil wars, etc. I can imagine people headed to the woods to hunt, grow crops and fight for food, water & supplies. The castle being added to the game may seem to take away from a realistic standpoint of people just living off the land in the wilderness, but there are still castles in the real world. It also made me think of The Walking Dead how they have strongholds and there are some actors that talk about “their kingdom” etc. Some players also like medieval type gameplay with swords, bow & arrows, castles, etc. while others like guns, and even others just want to play a nice, peaceful “Sims” like game. We are trying to make the map and game enjoyable for everyone that plays so we will try to provide many features that players want. We most likely will not have any “fantasy” or “magic” type gameplay at this time since we are trying to push for realism.

I have added some screenshots from this latest version, we call it 060822-2217. For now, we are naming the versions of like this so we can keep track with unlimited number of revisions very easily. 060822 represents June 8, 2022 and -2217 is military time for 10:17pm. So the dev finished and saved this file at 10:17pm on June 8, 2022. I will use this same file name when talking about the maps so we are all on the same page.

That’s all for now, I will post more updates as I get them!

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