CWG: Survival
June 8, 2022 updates

Several small but important updates:
1. I added the Google reCaptcha “I’m not a robot” box to the forms that you fill out to help us reduce spam on the site. This protects all members.
2. The dev has done some updates to Map #3 (the one we chose to go with). He has added a castle, wishing well, shade awning, rocky draining pipe, draw bridge. He is not adjusting the scaling and making it larger. I have asked him to make this castle become the first “safe zone” and respawn point and to customize the interior of he castle to make room for future players and npc shops. You will be able to buy guns, ammo, swords, backpacks, food, water, first aid kits, seeds and other supplies here using in-game money called “credits” that you can earn in the game from killing & looting animals, monsters or players, or earning them other ways, or buying them in our website shop at (which is up and running if you want to buy some credits but it may be Jan 1, 2023 before you can use them in the game, but hopefully a lot sooner).
3. I added Affiliate commission withdrawals to the game credit withdrawal form so that if you earned commission by being an affiliate, you can cash out your earnings on the same form. We reserve the right to convert any USD commission that you have earned into game money (credits) at the same rate of $0.01 per 1 credit, then you can simply withdraw the game credits into real cryptocurrency as usual. To become an affiliate and get a referral link (its live now!) just Register at then confirm your email address and login. Then in “my account” go to “affiliate area” then fill out the affiliate application. Within 24 hours I will approve you. Refer others (don’t spam your link) and if they buy in-game credits on our website then you will earn 1% commission. My goal is to increase this to 5% but for now its at 1% commission.
4. I created a Patreon account for Crypto World Games to help us raise money for game development but it’s not asking for a hand-out, you will receive a reward if you donate according to which tier you choose.
5. I created a new Instagram account for Crypto World case we decide to use that for advertising in the future.
6. I updated our YouTube account for Crypto World Games with a new banner and logo.
7. I updated our Twitch account for Crypto World Games with a new logo and description.
8. I updated our Discord account for Crypto World Games with a new logo, some updated descriptions in some of the rooms.
9. I added Patron “Roles” in Discord so that Patreon donors are recognized for their donations. Thank you to anyone that signs up as a Patron!
10. I created a new Facebook page for Crypto World Games.
11. I added 2fa feature to the website and for now its optional, so just use the “contact us” section on our site if you want me to activate it on your account for safety. We may force it in the future. We have several methods we can use such as sms, email, secret questions etc.
12. I requested that my developer focus on putting the basic “map #3” on a hosted multiplayer server, then add the auto update feature, so that we can offer this download to members asap. There will not be gameplay for 1-3 months after we launch the map, and the map could dramatically change from day to day or week by week but at least this way, you can actually get in the world we are creating as soon as possible. You will be able to explore and plan out where you want to build your cabin in the future. Be patient, this will possibly take 1-3 years to finish but “some type of game play” in as early as 1-3 months hopefully.
13. The “Blog” is live, remember the website will be updated and look better later but feel free to look around at what we have so far. I enjoy transparency myself so even if its not finished I’ll share it with the community. Remember, anything on the site can change without notice.
14. The site is live so feel free to register and login and look around. This is how you see your in-game wallet on our website when you are logged in. Our website “wallet” and in-game wallet will be in sync at all times.
15. A member requested that we create our own cryptocurrency token. We don’t have plans for this but we are considering if it would be helpful to have it or not.


Founder: Smarty (aka @CryptoGoldfish on Telegram)
Telegram chat group:
YouTube channel:
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