CWG: Survival
May 27, 2022 update

What are the benefits of being a Land Deed Owner in CWG: Survival?

You can receive passive income simply by owning a land deed in the game when players, animals or monsters die on your land or on anyone else’s land, and they drop their credits (in-game money). You will also receive 5% profits if someone else buys the land from you.

CWG: Survival is a PC game I am having made so that people can play for free but will also be able to buy game money and items using cryptocurrency. If you make profits in the game, you will be able to “cash out” the game credits and convert them back into real cryptocurrency! I’m hoping to release this game asap and will be done in stages. You will be able to explore the game world without gameplay mechanics at first just to explore the world and every 1-4 weeks we will push updates such as giving the ability to pick up items, trade items, shoot guns, craft items, build a house, buy land deeds, buy/sell in shops, etc. I decided to not wait until it is completely finished so players can give me feedback through the creation process and you can see the progress over time. Hopefully within 1-3 months we will have a basic world created you can walk around in, and by Jan 1, 2023 we should have several functions working. Be patient as we build this game for the community.

Founder: Smarty (aka @CryptoGoldfish on Telegram)
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