This is not the final map, but we are opening up the opportunity for our members to give us feedback on what they may want the map to look like!

If you want to give suggestions on the placement of items in the game, save this image, open it up in paintbrush and use the spray paint brush (to show where the trails/roads should be), add text to explain what should go where, use pencil or symbols to represent things, use boxes to show buildings or cabins, and draw things on this map if you want to help us design it. we may not use your ideas, but we would love to see your suggestions. This is just a sample map we will use for gathering your feedback.

We want you to have an active part in the creation of this “metaverse” from the ground up. We hope that you will be proud of us and yourself in the future to watch the progress and upgrades over time. We will go from a flat ugly map into a realistic, fun atmosphere.
If you want to give comments or suggestions, click the “contact us” link in the menu to send us a message.
Thanks for your feedback!

Founder: Smarty (aka @CryptoGoldfish on Telegram)
Telegram chat group:
YouTube channel:
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