CWG: Survival game, update May 1, 2022

i added a “Central Bank” account on our website that will handle all of the in-game currency transactions on the website & in the game.

Dev 4 shared the above sample scenes and will do some more editing so that the snow and trees don’t have the “tile” effect. The tile effect is mostly seen in the first image because its “scene view” but the 2nd image is the “game view” so it doesn’t look too bad now but should look better soon. this was only a quick sample terrain and not necessarily the final game view anyway.

I created a Unity organization and added a seat for my current developers to have access to assets that I purchased. Dev 4 will be able to do an update to the images above and have more variety of trees, grass, rocks, etc. soon. I also purchased professional terrain/scene building assets that will help make the game look nice.

I updated our “about” page and our “home” page to give a little more update and future plans. I will share the site later once its been updated more. I added a blog section to the site to keep track of updates too. For now I’ll be posting the updates/blog here too.

I also had some in-game items (wood sword, metal sword, pistol & ammo) but i took them off the website shop for now, we will start with only selling in-game money in the shop so that when we link the in-game money database inventory on our website to in-game money database in the game, we only have 1 sku to link. This should save time and money. Once a player purchases in-game money on our website and its instantly sent to their in-game wallet, (after the blockchain confirmation) then they can then purchase any item they want in our game just as easy as buying the virtual items on our site.

When a player pays 1000 credits for a weapon in the game and drops the weapon, another player can pick it up and sell it to the shop. The shop pays 50% of what the item originally cost. The player would receive 500 credits in this example. If the player wanted to “cash-out” these credits, there would be a 10% withdrawal fee and they would cash out 450 credits ($4.50 USDT). This will be a Play To Earn game and will be open to anyone with a PC to play.

I tested the in-game currency “credits” system on our website, doing transfers, etc and it works. I will also set up a player to player credit transfer on our site and we will have an in-game “trade” window that you can also swap items and credits back and forth with. I have the option to show all players’ balances on their website profile but for safety i have turned off this feature. I have the ability also to set up “ranks” that members can show off on the website if they wish.

We will have a Discord audio chat channel that anyone can use while playing the game, if you don’t want to use TeamSpeak for example. The in-game voice chat may only be set to local at first so that players are not irritating the entire world by voice chatting.

So far we can accept these cryptocurrencies when buying in-game money on our site:

(I will be adding several more tokens soon)

When cashing out, we will only use USDT(trc20) or USD(bep20) so that there is no fluctuation of your withdrawal after you submit the form.

We will try to set up some “safe zones” so that players can enjoy the game in a peaceful setting, while the pvp (player vs player) zones will be more dangerous, they will also have more chances of earning better loot in these areas. Example, we may have bears in the wilderness and players may shoot you for any or no reason, but in these areas, there may also be gold in the mountains or as buried treasure.

We “may” add NFT’s and dapp smart contracts in our game during or after phase 3. That is just a teaser and will be a while before we can implement it.
Thanks for following our progress!

Founder: Smarty (aka @CryptoGoldfish on Telegram)
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