We now have 256 game items on our site being prepared to be added to the game in the future. Currently I’m creating short descriptions for them and creating customized SKU numbers in our site to link them in the game using a bridge program.

(Currently our 2 main devs are Dev 9 and Dev 7).
Dev9 has a huge battle royal game 70% done and will be optimizing it over the next few weeks. Currently a huge 86gb map and at the current estimate, it may be a 20gb game when optimized. We will try to make even smaller while also giving a realistic terrain look if possible. In comparison, Fortnite, another battle royal style (last man standing game) was reduced by Epic games approximately 60gb, and now the final game files size is approx 25-30gb in total.

Dev7 is continuing to work on the project using a highly advanced character controller that will allow you to change from 1st person to 3rd person view anytime you want by simply hitting the T button. He is also using this very nice asset to give very realistic character animations so that player moves smoothly and will look great while playing, running, shooting, reloading, crawling, jumping, etc.

This will be a PC game only, and “most likely” a free to download and play game (that’s our goal) but for sure, its free per month.
This is one approach we are considering instead of a “free game”:

If we decide to charge for the game, lets say $30, then you would also get $30 of game items instantly in the game to play with (the types of items are not yet determined but would probably be some type of starter pack such as a backpack, guns, ammo, food, water and maybe some random items or gear), which would be 3000 in-game credit value. If you decided to instantly cashed those items out, you could sell them to the in-game shop to get in-game credits, then fill out the withdrawal form on our site and we will convert it back to cryptocurrency. The shop buys items from players but only pays 50% of the shop selling price, in the form of in-game credits. If you instantly “cash-out” your starter pack game items (worth 3000 credits, or $30), you will only receive 1500 credits ($15 value), then you would receive approximately $13.50 in crypto due to the 10% withdrawal fee.

You would earn game items (1000 game credit value, but not in-game credits) as commission for each referral when other people sign up using your referral link and they purchase the $30 game also. If you decided to “cash-out” those items, you would sell them to the in-game shop to receive 500 credits, then you would fill out the withdrawal form on our site to convert it to real cryptocurrency and would receive approximately $4.50 worth of crypto (after the 10% withdrawal fee) per person you referred (if you decided to instantly convert game items to crypto instead of using them in the game).

This means, if you purchased the game and referred only 4 people, and decided to sell your starter items and the referral commission items you received, you would actually pay $30 but receive $31.50 back in cryptocurrency, making this game free for you, giving you $1.50 profit, while also helping us gain 5 members (you plus 4 more). You can always refer more people and use the items or cash out the items to earn a real $4.50 per referral, AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE!

Another option:
If you paid $30 for the game and received 3000 credits ($30 value) of game items and used them in the game, then referred 4 other players to buy it, you would receive 1000 credits worth of game items for EACH of those referrals also (4000 credit value of items). If you did not sell and cash-out those items, then in total, you would pay $30 for the game, refer 4 people to join, and you would receive a total of $70 worth of game items! We advise you not to rush to sell your items because some items may be rare now, or become rare later, we may open up player-run shops far from town and you may be able to sell these items in your own shop so you can raise the price. Members can buy from your shop instead of running all the way back to town and may pay extra for that convenience. Also, if you are going to buy these items in the future, you might as well just use them instead of cashing out and losing about 50-60% of its value from the converting and withdrawal process.

What if I don’t have $30 to buy the game?
You will be able to register and login to our site to obtain your referral link, even if you do not buy the game. This means, you can refer approximately 7 people, receive items for commission, then sell them using our website (without being in the game yet), and you will have earned enough in-game money to purchase the game. We will allow you to buy the $30 game using game money on our website in addition to buying with cryptocurrency. Other members may also transfer game credits to your account if they wish, but we don’t want people begging for game money in our chats. We are only considering this as a motivation to get members to refer their friends to the game but we still may do a 100% free game. It also depends on the development costs, if we need more funds to finish or continue dev support and website/game maintenance and hosting fees.

What are the Fees & minimum to cash out game credits into cryptocurrency?
1. cost of the game, currently planned to be $0, but may cost “up to $30 with a very generous referral program” if we go that route. This would help us gain more players if people have a financial incentive to refer friends.
2. earn game money in the game, and you can buy items in the shop, for the same price that the items sell for in our website. 1 credit = $0.01
3. when you sell game items in the game to the shop, the shop will pay you 50% of the original cost in in-game credits. It does not matter how you obtained the items, either from buying it on the website, buying it in the in-game shop, getting it as a gift from a friend, robbing from someone else, or killing other game players and taking their loot.
4. withdrawing/converting game credits into cryptocurrency. There is a flat-rate of 10% withdrawal fee (plus blockchain fees, currently we may use USDT(trc20) or USDT(bep20) which should be $1 or less in fees.
5. not a fee, but there is a minimum of 2000 game credits ($20 value) to be able to cash-out into cryptocurrency.

I hope that my updates are not too boring, but I want it to be known that I’m being very transparent in this game creation process and hope you appreciate frequent updates of our progress, even if its good or bad news. While it may take 5 years to be a huge success, I’m trying my best to get “something” for you to participate in and enjoy in the next few months.

Remember, No admins or moderators or myself will EVER MESSAGE YOU first, and will NEVER ask for your password, mnemonic phrase, private key, personal secret questions, phone number, serial keys for the game etc. If we do, THEN ITS NOT US, ITS AN IMPOSTER or hacker! To contact me, Smarty, click my profile image and then click “send message” or find my name in the member list here in our group, but make sure you see the tag “admin” or the blue star in the member list to verify you are messaging an official admin. Thanks for following our progress!

Founder: Smarty (aka @CryptoGoldfish on Telegram)
Email: support@cryptoworldgames.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/vHQ5vefyz6
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoWorldGame
Telegram chat group: https://t.me/CryptoWorldGames
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1xLC1ITQ4GvkdBupL8RGaw
(copy and paste this YouTube link, for some reason its showing a dead link when clicked but it is legit)
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/cryptoworldgames
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crypto_world_games/
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