CWG: Survival May 20, 2022 update

I requested that Dev7 create me an .exe file so i could walk around the world. There will be lots of changes and advancements but here is the very first look inside the game mode of CWG: Survival. I plan on adding more trees of different types, thicknesses and heights, different types of grass. Of course, this is only a sample character that is solid white, but we will have others added. Just letting you see what we have so far. Dev 7 is working out great, seems to be very professional.

Update: May 20, 2022
The developer also sent me a 2nd game world which is higher definition, the quality is a lot better. It is more gray and gloomy but very nice. I was able to fly around this world also and take some actual gameplay images! I also requested the developer use another very professional Unity asset to provide me with a “game world sample #3” which will be a meadow mountain and forest environment with more colors, more green grass and flowers, and a more peaceful scenery. We may use the “dark” gray terrain below for part of the map and another version for the rest of the map. The one below with the white sample character will not be used as of May 20, 2022.

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