CWG: Survival, May 5, 2022 update 1

I’m teaching myself how to become a unity game developer so maybe in the future I will not have to rely as much on other people for updates or adjustments to the game. Right now i have added a sample character and editing the animation for when its idle, walking or running. After doing a screen share with Dev 5, i was able to walk around the sample world that Dev 4 created. I will be using this example world to test out some assets such as uSURVIVAL and more.

It’s nothing fancy (yet) but I’m just trying to inspire other people if you have any dreams or goals, to do them. If you don’t know how to do something, then figure it out. I will be able to save a lot of money if I can do a lot of the development myself, but if I want to save a lot of time, then I’ll hire a lot of it done. I must find the middle ground so that I can get this goal accomplished in an affordable way that doesn’t take too long.

Also, i finally found a new game developer (dev 5) with wordpress, mysql (and other) database knowledge along with YEARS of experience with Unity. He is mainly focusing on another project of his own and for someone else, but if i’m able to get him to come on board or even part time, it will be a HUGE help for our project.

I hope I’m able to post a lot more about him and updates he helps me with. He has actually already created several Unity assets that will achieve my goals of inventory control via our website. He created all the features i wanted plus more.

With his unity assets and his help, you will be able to create an account on our website and that will also be your login in the game. At anytime, you will be able to see your game items and in-game currency amounts while on our site (on mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, or mac) and also while you are in the game (on PC).

You will be able to buy in-game currency and/or items (if you wish but not required) directly from our website where i will accept 15 (or more) types of cryptocurrency and “possibly” stripe, debit card, credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple pay or other methods in the future.
I was going to only sell in-game currency but now with this new opportunity, you will be able to buy items too, such as a hatchet on our website and it will instantly appear in the game in your inventory.

There are other features of this asset that will help us with things like growing crops and anything that involves “timers” such as gaining experience or maybe you need to train how to do something and it takes 10 hours, you will be able to see this countdown timer in the game and it makes sure everyone’s training are all correct at all times, etc. Or you may plant seeds and it takes 7 days to produce fruit to harvest but another seed may take 3 days and so on. This asset we add will help us organize many moving parts at once for everyone.

There are other features and things we will try to bring, I even thought about the possibility of starting with a browser game so its not such a big program because our main pc game may be kinda large due to the high quality graphics. If we can create a browser game, it “may” be run on mobile devices, or at least easier to run for people with PC without having to download a full game. But i havent decided yet to do this or not. I just want to hurry and get something created for our members asap.

thanks for following our progress!
Smarty aka @CryptoGoldfish

remember, i will never pm you first and myself and any admins i may have, will never ask for passwords, mnemonic phrases, or private keys, EVER.

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