June 7, 2022 CWG: Survival update
How many people can play inside CWG: Survival at the same time?

Although there is practically an unlimited amount of “total users” that can sign up for CWG: Survival game, there will be a limited number of CCU (concurrent connected users), that means, the total number of users that can actually be logged into the game at one time. This depends on our game server hosting company and which hosted package we choose. We will start small and as we grow, we will keep increasing the total number of players that can join at once when we can stay at 80-100% of max ccu for extended periods of time.
Even if we had 20 user ccu max, 100 players can play the game during the day, some will play in the morning, after, or night, and there are also players in various countries, so even a small ccu amount may be ok at first as we build up the game.

This is only an example, but we will probably upgrade in these increments
5 users, for testing only by devs
10 users, for additional testing by devs and a few invited members
20 users, anyone can join after this point.
50 users
100 users
500 users
1000 users

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