Lucky Staking
May 7, 2022 update

Lucky Staking, a CNR Staking Game that we are making as a separate project, is still being worked on. It should be available for testing with test CNR coins soon. Private message me in Telegram messenger @CryptoGoldfish with your CNR (bep20) wallet address if you want me to send you test tokens when we are ready for testers.
thanks for your patience. The reason I’m posting about Lucky Staking here is I will try to link it to our game if possible for another potential way to earn passive income.

We will also be adding at least 1 “game” that will feed Lucky Staking with every game entry.
We are looking for ways to link Lucky Staking to the Crypto World Games: Survival if possible too.

Lucky Staking fees:
0% deposit
0% claim
0% reinvest
4% withdrawal
has in-game wallet to lower blockchain fees.
It will have at least 1 game feeding it to keep money flowing in and not relying solely on people depositing/withdrawing.

Founder: Smarty (aka @CryptoGoldfish on Telegram)
Telegram chat group:
YouTube channel:
(copy and paste this YouTube link, for some reason its showing a dead link when clicked but it is legit)
Visit our website:


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