2. Click the “Play Now” button below, download the game launcher.
IMPORTANT: You must save the game launcher in the same drive that you want your game and future automatic downloads to be in. If your C drive is almost full, we recommend you save, extract, and run the game launcher from a larger hard drive. Estimated size is 10 gb but over time it could reach up to 20-30gb. After the game launcher is running, go into settings and choose automatic downloads.

3. Once you launch it, it will automatically download and update/patch the game launcher and also the game. The first time you download it may take several minutes depending on your internet speed.

4. (optional) Buy gold in our shop to use in the game. We will deliver it to your wallet on this website INSTANTLY but you can not use it in the game until we get to Phase 3. At first, during Phase 1 and Phase 2, all players will have unlimited amounts of gold in the game (with a $0 cash value that means, you can not cash-out the free gold you get during our testing phases 1 &2). When we hit Phase 3, (maybe around Christmas 2023), we will zero out everyone’s in game wallets and move all purchased gold to the in-game wallets. We will only do that once we are up and running and security has been verified.

This game is FREE to download and play. There is no monthly fees either! If you want, you can also buy game money (GOLD) in the SHOP on this site, then we will send the GOLD to your player so you can buy things inside of the game easily, but its not required. There is no purchase necessary, so you can just play for free and earn gold in the game if you wish! You may also be able to “cash-out” credits from the game and we will send you REAL MONEY. Read about it more on the Bank page. If clicking the Play Now button does not download the Game Launcher, click here

Warning, the game contains live multiplayer game play and may also include blood, gore, etc. You must be 18 years old or older to play, or the required age in your jurisdiction to play this type of game. The game also allows players to cash out in-game credits into cryptocurrency, its free to play so it should not be considered gambling but only play if legal for you to do so. Play at your own risk, you may become a zombie by playing.