this page is under construction, last updated May 2, 2022
this roadmap is not in any certain order and may include some things we will not do, and may not contain things we will do. this is a rough draft.


build multiplayer game with blank empty world
add terrain
add trees
add grass
add hills
add mountains
add character
add character controls WASD
add jump (spacebar)
add inventory screen
add weapons to game
add tools to game
add cabins to game
add usurvival asset to game
add mirror/multiplayer features
host game on virtual server
add auto update features
add splash screen
add character creation screen
add animals
add monsters/enemies
add zombies
add vehicles
add inventory on person
add inventory/storage in cabin
add crafting
add furnace
add trade window
add in game shop to sell things
add in game shop to buy things
link game database to website database
let players play without crypto attached
let players play and buy items with crypto
let players play and cash out game money into crypto
add more worlds, islands, buildings, land
add in game video
add in game billboards/advertising
add in game crypto smart contract dapps
add more crypto payment gateways to buy, or to cash out into
make buy in and cash out automated
upgrade server to hold more people
add text chat in game
add voice chat in game
add 1st and 3rd person option
add customize character screen
add custom skinned vehicles , clothes, items
add teamspeak server
update discord server
add links to other games
add lobby
add vr game
link vr game to pc game
add browser game
add mobile game
link all games together
create app for game or at least check inventory
create garden/harvest feature