You can play our game for free and earn in-game money (credits), gold, items, or cryptocurrency with no purchase necessary.

Minimum amount to buy: 1 Gold ($1.00)
We suggest that you buy qty: 10 ($10 value) or more due to blockchain fees. We only accept cryptocurrency when you checkout in our shopping cart, so be aware of normal blockchain fees when sending us payments.
1 Gold = $1.00
10 Gold = $10.00
100 Gold = $100.00
1000 Gold = $1000.00

Our in-game shop sells items and its priced in Gold bars.
If you sell items back to the shop, the NPC shopkeeper will buy back the items and give you in-game money called “Credits.”
You will receive about 50% of the original value when selling to the store, in the form of “Credits.”
Once you receive in-game “Credits” then you can request to “withdraw/cash-out” here on our site. Be sure to check the info on the Bank page in the top menu for up-to-date details but most likely there will be a 10% withdrawal fee, and a minimum cash-out amount of 1000 credits ($10 value). Allow up to 48 hours to receive the withdrawal. We will withdraw/convert/cash-out our in-game “Credits” into one of the cryptocurrencies we support (see the Bank page for info). We will also cash-out to CashApp, or PayPal. Make your selection when you fill out the withdrawal form if you meet the above requirements. If you make any profits, it is up to you to pay any applicable taxes on it, we do not keep up with your potential earnings and profits. We do not report your balance to anyone in any way.