If you know the username of other players, you may transfer game money (credits) to them.
This only works when you add their “username” and not a display name or first name!

If you do this, there is no refund whatsoever, EVEN IF YOU WERE SCAMMED BY ANOTHER PLAYER!
We allow you to buy/sell/trade in the game directly with players so that both players can agree to what is being traded. The in-game trade window is the safest way to trade.
This page is just an added feature in case you want to transfer without being in the game, or if you only have access to a tablet, laptop or mobile device but need to pay someone in-game money (credits).
We will not manually transfer tokens back to you if you send it to someone because we don’t know what type of trade or agreement you and the other player has. Some people would do a transfer then ask us to get their money back meaning they would get the items for free. We will investigate players if others report them as scammers, but we do not guarantee that we will retrieve your money back. Someone else could accuse you of being the scammer just as easily and we would not know who to believe. Even though we have methods of seeing who transferred which items to other players it is not worth our time to be the middle man to verify all of these past transactions.

This is why we put this disclaimer, if you trade credits here to anyone, for any reason, its at your own risk!
If you wish, we will happily be the middleman for large transactions to guarantee you get what you bought from another player if you are unable to login to the game to do a player to player trade.
Fill out the “contact us” form if you and another player would like us to help with a transfer. You may not sell or transfer land deeds with this method. Land deeds are only to be sold on our website or within the game in the Land Deed Auction.

You must be registered & logged in to view your in-game credits and/or send credits to another user.