Crypto World Game “Survival” update, April 29, 2022.
A very transparent & realistic message from Smarty (aka @CryptoGoldfish on Telegram) about the goals and progress of our future pc game. Join our Telegram group at or simply click @CryptoWorldGames if you are viewing this on Telegram already. Follow us on Twitter @CryptoWorldGame or on Discord at

It will take a long time and a lot of money to release any type of “real” game that would even compare with any of the big games out there. I do not pretend that our game will be anything like GTA V, Fortnite, COD or Minecraft, at least not for a few years. Myself and those that I hire to help, or ask advice from, look at many other games and teams as role models when designing our game. Anyone following along with our progress must realize this will be a long-term project. I do want to release something asap just so you can see progress happen over time to see where we started and where we can go. I know many people do not like to hear promises then are forced to wait 1-3 years for a team to do something (at least do something so people can see progress). Some people would like to see the advances as they happen in almost real-time, so they do not lose faith in the project. There are many teams that secretly work on projects and even if they eventually do awesome things, followers and investors want to hear progress updates even if it has good or bad news because transparency is important. Some teams only want to make announcements once things are done and it has launched because if you launch things only half done, you can also get fud from potential investors. In all honesty, you can never make everyone happy, so if you always work hard towards your goals and show steady progress, your believers will keep motivating you to continue the work.

For those that do not know, Crypto World Games used to be a site where you could play online dapp (decentralized application) games using cryptocurrency but now our website will be a website hub to choose & play games that we host or create ourselves. We will still try to incorporate cryptocurrency of all types into them one way or another.

Currently, there are no main cryptocurrency tokens that we promote over any other. If we find a cryptocurrency team that has built an awesome token with use-cases, and they have energetic followers and investors, along with down-to-earth and friendly admins, we would love to promote that token in our games. We may also host our own mods or private servers of games that you already love but our main goal is to create at least 1 full PC game that lets players play and earn real cryptocurrency! 

The first game we are building will be for Windows PC and will be some type of open world survival game. I am doing this as a hobby for now but hopefully it could turn into a larger project. It will take several months to see major updates but I will try to share things along the way so you can see the progress we are (or are not) making. For now, it is funded by myself, Smarty (aka @CryptoGoldfish on Telegram) but soon I may accept donations or investors to help fund the project. In some ways, we hope this would be a “metaverse” style game. We may not link items directly to cryptocurrency but eventually, we hope to incorporate it as a way people can use crypto to make your game play more enjoyable. It may be possible to earn passive income in the game with real cryptocurrency once everything is up and running. I do not want the “pay to win” style game where only those with money will win or have all the best gear so I am trying to design it, so it is fair for everyone. Think of it more as a “play to earn.”

The 1st game we are creating has a temporary name “Crypto World Game: Survival” or CWG Survival, or just “Survival” for short. (It may be changed later). It will be a multiplayer game and many people have asked for us to make it like H1Z1, Rust, GTA V, or a few other games if possible. 

I do not have designated funding for the entire project so we will be starting out slow. It is possible that we may allow players to invest in the game or game lands to help us pay for development expenses. There are a few methods I have thought about pursuing such as, creating a cryptocurrency smart contract and you can invest into the contract so that it calculates your “pool share” of your investment so that as profits come in, you would be rewarded with that ratio of profits until you have made x% of profits. I have also thought about not allowing investors at all and only funding it myself. I thought about selling items for the game to make funding income that way. I thought about letting people buy areas of the game and for example, if someone drops loot or dies and drops their in-game money on the ground, the person that owns that land would instantly get a percentage of what drops on the ground. Example, if someone has 1000 game credits and gets shot and drops his game money, the owner of the land may receive 250 game credits, while the other 750 game credits lie on the ground for other players to pick up. While “game credits” may not sound intriguing enough to invest in game property, it may after you hear about our plans in phase 3. (See below).

I am thinking about making the game in 3 main phases.
Phase 1: Creating a working game, not linked to cryptocurrency or real money in any way. Just make it fun. Although, we do need some type of funding before, during or after development. Phase 1 may have to include a small one-time download fee, but our goal is to have a FREE TO PLAY game, and FREE PER MONTH.
Phase 2: Adding the ability to buy in-game items using real money or cryptocurrency. If we can hurry up and add this feature, then we can gain funds to reimburse previous development and continue developing the game.
Phase 3: Adding the ability to sell items and loot in the game to get in-game money, which will then allow you to “cash-out” and convert your in-game money into REAL CRYPTOCURRENCY! Although this would cause the team/company to lose some profits, adding this fun feature may attract a lot more players, which in return would bring us more income from selling game money (and/or items).

How would it work in phase 1?
(Hopefully) you could go to our site and download the game for FREE.
(Hopefully) there will be no monthly fee for access to our game.
You can create an account on our website then use that account name and password to login to the game.

How would it work in phase 2?
You could buy in-game money for real money. For example, 1 game credit = $0.01
On our website, you would go to the “shop” and buy 1000 game credits for $10, (or some other amount). You would simply add it to your shopping cart and checkout. At checkout, you would choose how to pay for it, we would accept several types of cryptocurrencies. You choose which crypto you want to pay with, send it to the wallet address listed at checkout and when the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, you would receive the game money in your in-game wallet (and it would also be shown in your wallet on our site). We will link the website to the game so that you can log-in to either one to see your in-game wallet balance.

How would it work in phase 3?
So, when we push the phase 3 update, you could then convert in-game money (shown in our website and in your game wallet) back into real cryptocurrency! There would be a small list of available cryptocurrencies that you could choose from to receive your earnings.

How do players gain game money?
Players earn in-game money (that can be used in the game, or can be withdrawn into real cryptocurrency) by either
1. Buying in-game money using real money
2. Earning in-game money by selling found, earned, or looted items to the in-game marketplace. *

Bob buys 100 in-game credits for $1 on our website, now Bob has 100 game credits in his wallet.
Bob uses his 100 game credits in the game and buys a pistol for 100 game credits.
Bob gets killed in the game, by his own fault, by another player, or by a wild animal or monster, or even the environment (falling out of a tree for example).
Sally, has 0 in-game credits. Sally sees Bob fall out of a tree and seen him drop his gun when he died. Sally takes the gun and sells it back to the marketplace.
Therefore, Sally earns 50 credits for the gun that she sold to the marketplace.
Sally decides to “cash-out” her earnings, so she logs into our website and fills out a withdrawal form. There may be a withdrawal fee, such as 10% (subject to change).
At this rate, when Sally cashes out her 50 game credits (1 credit = $0.01) then the game charges her 10% (or 5 credits / $0.05) so Sally is eligible to cash out $0.45 worth of crypto of her choice (from the list we offer).

Roadblocks in our Road Map
I cannot build the games myself so I must hire game developers from various locations. Due to the low starting budget, I must be cautious how much I spend per hour on developer fees. This will slow down the progress and may cause me not to hire the best devs in the beginning. Please have patience and understanding. I do not have to be this transparent, but for now I will share with you what we are going through to build the game.

At first, I hired 3 devs and asked each to build a sample terrain in 3 hours and whoever created the best visual appearance terrain would continue working. I said whoever I liked the best would be the lead developer and the others would help. I will name the developers Dev 1, Dev 2, Dev 3 and so on.

Dev 1 created the first map with a working character. He let me download the .exe and I installed it quickly and instantly was able to run around with the common WASD controls that I’m used to in online gaming. At this time, he did not set the ability to grab the weapons and test them out, and none of the “survival” features are activated yet (like crafting, building, hunting etc.). But, due to his excellent communication and the speed he presented the sample map, I let him become the lead developer. He works by the hour and is very honest with his timesheet reporting. I was encouraging him to add time to his timesheet because I wanted to make sure I was paying him enough. 

Dev 2 created a map and sent the game files, but I have yet to test it. It took him a lot longer to submit the files to me and they were not even in zip format, so this was not efficient in me testing out his example map. Due to the time it took him to complete the sample terrain and the miscommunication from a slight language barrier, he will probably not be working for us. 

Dev 3 backed out without providing a sample map (only a sample screenshot) and said he wanted to do the complete game and did not want to work with other team members since he already had his own team. He gave me a quote of $2000 to get a basic game working but due to no sample map to even log into, I felt I did not want him to be our main dev.

Dev 1 is now the lead developer but due to going to college full time has informed me that once he gets to a stopping point, he will probably have to resign for now. He created a game world and inserted a character that can run, jump and crawl. He created a lake, trees, cabins and put some weapons on the ground for samples. He added Mirror, which is an asset that helps with creating multiplayer maps. He has also just created a server build of the game (that we have so far) and hosted it on my dedicated virtual server. He is also setting up text chat room, and voice chat room for our server. He will also be incorporating Unity’s uSURVIVAL asset to give us great features in the game such as crafting, building, hunting, health, hunger, thirst, stamina, inventory and more. Due to his busy schedule, I must find a more dedicated developer that can put 10-40 hours a week into this. Currently dev 1 is putting in 1-6 hours which will take a very long time to see progress. He will remain as a backup dev and may come back later. I estimate he will work for 2-4 more weeks but looking for a new game dev right now.

I will create an actual road map, and a wish list from myself and anyone reading this of what we would like to see in a pc game. Send me a private message on Telegram messenger @CryptoGoldfish and let me know what game features you would like. What tools, weapons, inventory, etc. What types of maps, vehicles, objectives, animals, monsters, zombies, etc. would make the game fun?

This may not be a “metaverse” style game in the sense that every single game item would be linked to a cryptocurrency token, but it is important to me to link games and gameplay to crypto in some way. 




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