What is CryptoWorld?
CryptoWorld is a relaxing and realistic world built within the Arma 3 game, using the AltisLife and other modifications in our very own server, with many ways to earn free crypto-currency simply for joining and living in our world. You can also challenge other players to 1 vs 1 custom battles using the weapons or vehicles of your choice (created from thin air by the admin before the battle) by paying an entry fee in crypto-currency (Btc,Ltc,Eth,Trx,Xrp,HTML) and signing up on our “Brackets” page, where the last man standing will win 75% of the jackpot! (25% goes towards game server hosting).

This server is not just for shooting and violence, it is perfectly fine to join and meet new friends, while enjoying the freedom of traveling just about anywhere you want on the map. You can buy and sell houses and be an in-game real estate agent, become a medic and get a helicopter to provide healing and reviving services anywhere on the map. You can also create your own taxi business by buying a vehicle or helicopter and giving people rides. You can go sky diving or ocean diving and swimming. Make a business out of it, buy a helicopter and let others pay you to sky dive. You can challenge other people to go-cart races for fun, or for crypto also on the brackets page. You can drive cars, trucks, ATVs, tanks, boats, go carts, or fly helicopters, jets or drones. You can be a law abiding citizen and mine for resources, go fishing, or become a gangster or drug dealer, a police officer, or weapons smuggler. This is CryptoWorld’s AltisLife server, you have the freedom to choose what to do in your “life.” Think of this as a cross between Arma 3, PUBG, GTA5, COD, even Sims! You can join to relax, meet new people, or battle for crypto!

About Us
We are a group of online gamers and crypto-currency enthusiasts. We created our own private modified Arma 3 Altis Life server to promote it as a virtual community for anyone that loves crypto-currency and wants to experience something new. No purchase necessary for normal participation in our game server! It is totally free, (as long as you have purchased Arma 3 in Steam). Play the server anytime you want. But join our Discord to find out when we have events where you can earn free crypto, or learn how to challenge others!
*(Register & login to see or add TRX, XRP, or HTML to your wallet on this site, or to withdraw crypto-currency from your earnings & winnings!

*No purchase necessary! It is FREE to join, if you already have Arma 3 game. By joining and playing in our game servers, you agree you are 21 years old or older to join, play, earn, or win cryptocurrency, and it must be legal in the location you are in. All games played with crypto have a risk of losing your crypto if you lose the battle. Play responsibly. Since anyone can participate with no purchase necessary, this is NOT a gambling site. We are NOT selling credits/game money, or items that alter game-play. We volunteer to follow the Bohemia Interactive rules on monetization to comply with their polices.